Gate control

What we offer

Daugaard Electronics has been a subcontractor for electronics to Danish companies since 1983. We offer the development of various types of gate controls.

Our gate controls are robust and designed for ease of use, featuring simple installation with cable pass-throughs at the bottom and cable trays for wire management.

Gate Controls

Our controls are sold in significant parts of the world, with over 90% of our products exported to Germany, the USA, and China.

Built on stability and quality, along with the capability to connect various sensors, we provide a secure control solution in the market, ensuring user confidence in our products. Controls for the USA are produced with UL certification.

Development of Gate Controls

Highest Reliability in the Market

Robust and User-Friendly Design

A Flexible Control System with Many Connectivity Options

Digital Inputs for All Types of Sensors

Automatic Closure, Delayed Closure, and CAP

High Security and Electronic Stop via Sensors