Development and Assembly (EMS)

What we offer

Since 1983, Daugaard Electronics has been a subcontractor for electronics to Danish companies. We offer Surface Mount Device (SMD), leaded, and device assembly, construction of testing equipment, as well as testing services.

Furthermore, we provide guidance on proper assembly and mechanical assembly that contributes to extending the product’s lifespan.

All products are "handmade" and tailored to the customer's specific desires and needs.

Development, Software, PCB Layout, DFM (Design for Manufacturing), Prototypes, Production

Procurement, SMD, Leaded, Box Build, Testing, Burn-In, Shipping

PCB Coating, Encapsulation

Mechanical Workshop

Cable Harnessing

Quality-conscious and Innovative

Price Optimization

Inventory and Delivery Reliability

I tæt samarbejde med vores kunder

Vi udvikler for jer med jer

I tæt samarbejde med vores kunder udvikler vi deres produkter. Produkterne er ofte komplekst opbygget og designet, så de er skræddersyet til at løse en helt specifik opgave.

Portstyring (boxbuilding)
Portstyring (print)
Tavlevogne (TMA)